20120925 Hitech Electronic attends the 10th Eurasian International Military-Civil Combination Technology Industries Exhibition (China)
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20120521 Hitech Electronic attended the 17th International EMC and Microwave Technological Exchange Exhibition
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20120413 Hitech Electronic attended the National VI Conference
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20120409 Hitech EMC Technological Seminar
Browsing Times:53
20111010 Hitech T&M technical seminar held successfully in Hanzhong
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20111010 Hitech Electronic attended 2011 Summit of Aviation Experiment Test Technology
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20111010 Hitech T&M technical seminar held successfully in Yanliang
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20110804 EMC2011&MW2011 China achieved great success
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20110620 Hitech Technological Seminar in Xian achieved great success
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20110617 Hitech Technological Seminar in Mianyang and Chengdu achieved great success
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